Reasons why you should use a clothes dryer.

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Having a clothes dryer at home This is very useful when you want to finish cleaning your clothes. Not only does drying take time and effort, space and weather constraints also make drying clothes a nuisance. From pinning each item of clothing on the drying line to waiting for it to dry – clean clothes are also exposed to dust and dirt in the air.

1. Save time drying clothes

Of course, traditional washing requires waiting for the sun to come out before washing clothes. Because I want the cloth to dry quickly. But with a washing machine and dryer So you don’t have to wait to dry. Put it in the dryer and it dries. Ready to fold immediately It only takes about 20-30, depending on the amount of fabric. And can also accelerate the heat. Makes drying clothes save a lot of time.

2. Don’t worry about the clothes drying space.

When doing laundry, of course there must be space for a clothesline. No matter how big or small, there must be enough space to accommodate the amount of clothes each time you wash. But drying clothes doesn’t have to wait to dry. Just enter the incubator. Waiting for time, it can be folded right away. And it’s also simple, no need to shake it to make your hands tired. Report by สมัคร ufabet

3. Reduce dust and lint.

With our home environment having a lot of pm2.5 dust, it can easily have a negative effect on the fabric. While we hang them to dry, when drying clothes we hardly have to encounter fluctuating weather or dust that affects our clothes. To cause irritation at all It has also been sterilized with heat.

4. Helps preserve fabric better than sunlight.

Many people may encounter the problem of clothes that have faded in color. Because it is often exposed to the sun, but the advantage of drying clothes is Clothes do not have to pass through a medium like sunlight, causing the clothes to always have fresh colors. There is no color fading like when exposed to the sun for a long time.

5. Clothes stay dry even in the rainy season.

Every time it rains, Clothes aren’t always dry. In addition, there was mold and musty smell, with the smell of humidity floating around. The problem will go away if you can put it in the dryer. Because in addition to not having to dry it in the sun The fabric also dries quickly, dries completely in time for use, and definitely doesn’t cause a musty smell to bother you.

6. Bake with Code Clean for 24 hours.

Nowadays, there are many convenience stores that are open 24 hours to accommodate those who do not have time to work all day. Or urgently want to do laundry Let the cloth dry quickly. The service at these shops starts at only 40 baht, depending on the amount of clothes washed. Let me tell you, washing clothes will be easy. Just walk into the Code Clean store .