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How to Make Fruit Salad.

See fresh, juicy, beautiful colored fruit and feel refreshed. Don’t tell anyone. we invite you to enhance your beauty with a delicious salad that is rich in vitamin ACE, which contains anti-oxidants. Helps prevent premature aging. Build immunity It’s also good for the heart and blood vessels. Afraid of not

3 herbs to nourish the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s

3 herbs to nourish the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s Thai traditional medicine recommends 3 types of herbs to help nourish the brain. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine recommends 3 types of herbs. Gotu Kola, Brahmi, and Red Lotus Petals. Which help

Benefits of protein.

When we eat protein foods The amino acids in protein are digested within the body and absorbed into the bloodstream. Which has beneficial effects on the following parts of the body: 1. Help repair eye cells. Proteins contribute to the development of eye cells. Helps to repair the optic

Benefits of egg whites.

Egg whites  that are often used for more than just cooking. Let’s take a look at that. egg white benefits What good things are there? 1. Good source of protein for those looking to gain muscle. For bodybuilders or exercisers are another indispensable food. Because egg whites are the main components of protein