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Arsenal have renewed hope of Moises Caicedo

Arsenal have renewed hope in their pursuit of Moises Caicedo given the complicated clauses in his contract with Brighton. The Gunners are trying to land the Ecuador international towards the end of the January transfer window. While they are searching for someone to cover Thomas Partey’s

Real Madrid offer Ceballos a new three-year contract.

Real Madrid have offered Daniel Ceballos a new three-year football contract. It’s up to the 26-year-old to accept the offer. Spanish newspaper Onda Betica reported on Tuesday that. Real Madrid had offered Daniel Ceballos a three-year contract with the same pay after the 26-year-old’s contract

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Count Blackjack Cards

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Count Blackjack Cards How does blackjack card counting work?  How blackjack card counting works There is a simple way to do this. Begin by assigning cards a number of +1 (2-6 cards), 0 (7-9 cards) or -1 (10-ace cards), then continue counting with

5 Tips for Playing Online Casino Games Responsibly

5 Tips for Playing Online Casino Games Responsibly If you are one of the online casino members You may find that at times you may become addicted to gambling and unable to remove yourself from that feeling. Although gambling may give you the opportunity to spend your

Blackjack web site how to play blackjack

blackjack web site how to play blackjack Online casino online card game play blackjack Blackjack is another online casino game that is as popular as baccarat. Blackjack is a card game that is easy to play and can quickly understood. The object of the blackjack card game is the sum

How to play roulette

online roulette Fun Wheel Betting Game with an exciting play style The classic online casino with a spin that throws the ball into it. and wait to see which channel the ball will stop. With numbers 0-36 making. the result of losing and winning so difficult to predict But with