Henry believes this year’s Ballon d’Or will be a Mane vs Benzema final.

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Henry believes this year’s Ballon d’Or will be a Mane vs Benzema final.

Thierry Henry, the legendary French striker Confirm that in 2022. The Ballon d’Or award will be a contest between Sadio Mane of Liverpool and Karim Benzema of Real Madrid. Two of the UEFA Champions League final. league that everyone is waiting for

“I believe that football fans around the world are now looking forward to the UEFA Champions League game. The final between Liverpool and Real Madrid is so intense. That we want to push the button for the day of the match,” Henry told UFABET.

“But what makes the meaning of this game even greater is that A duel between the 2022. Ballon d’Or contenders and co-favorites Sadio Mane vs Karim Benzema.

“Do you understand what I am about to convey? Assuming that if Liverpool win the UCL, Mane will become the 1st contender with the right to win the Ballon d’Or higher than anyone else in the world, but if it’s Real Madrid, this position will fall into the Benzema’s hand. This is an outside bet that will have a huge impact until the end of the year.”

“however In my personal opinion, Benzema has a better tax rate of about one period. Because Mane’s condition is that he has to lead Liverpool to four trophies or the vote will go to the Madrid striker immediately.”

“In the end, no matter what the outcome will be I am also proud of Africans. Because Mane is the true hope of the continent. Although personally I would support Benzema that it looks a little better.”