Blackjack web site how to play blackjack

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blackjack web site how to play blackjack

Online casino online card game play blackjack Blackjack is another online casino game that is as popular as baccarat. Blackjack is a card game that is easy to play and can quickly understood. The object of the blackjack card game is the sum of the cards. Where the winner must get the number of face cards together as close to 21 as possible or get a total of 21 points will be the winner But if the total face of cards exceeds 21, it will be considered losing immediately. 

Currently playing blackjack is becoming popular with Thai gamblers It was developed into an online card game that can be played on mobile anywhere. No need to download any apps 24 hours a day. Apply for blackjack. The number one online casino website. Can play this game through online channels ทางเข้า UFABET

blackjack web site how to play blackjack

Play blackjack Playing cards online at UFABET website. Blackjack is an easy game to play. Not complicated Beginners can start playing right away. The blackjack originated in the United States. developed continuously until the online era So you don’t have to play at casinos like in the past. Blackjack has a fairly simple method of playing. Just the players bet on the legs. The dealer then starts to deal 2 cards to each side. The next task is More cards continuously. Until your score is close to or equal to 21. But if it exceeds 21 it will consider that the side loses immediately. The player can stop asking for cards at any number of points. But the dealer can stop only when the score is not less than 17.

1. The dealer will deal cards. By starting to deal the first card to the players. and followed by the dealer’s 2nd card

2. The dealer will mark 1 card after receiving it. And will begin to deal the 2nd round of cards to each player 1 card for a total of 2 cards, the cards in the player’s hand are face down. On the banker side, 1 card is face up and another card is face down.

3. Players can request to draw more cards. In the event that the players are not satisfie with the points they have in their hands Only 1 additional card can be drawn.

4. The dealer will wait for the player. Draw until everyone is full. (in case of multiple players)

5. The dealer will draw more cards. In the event that his own cards are not close to 21 and after the player has completed all the cards The dealer will then show the cards.

6. The winner must get the total number of face cards as close to 21 as possible, or get a total of 21 points, they will be the winner. But if the total face of cards 21, it will consider losing immediately.