Fruits high in sugar, eating too much makes you gain weight.

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There are many types of fruits. Most fruits have a sweet and sour taste, but did you know that some fruits are It has a high amount of sugar, so for anyone who is losing weight. Choosing to eat fruits is therefore very important because some fruits are very sweet. There’s a lot of sugar. Plus, the calorie content is shockingly high. And if eaten in large quantities, it may cause weight gain. But what fruits will there be that are high in sugar Let’s go see together.


Longan is a sweet, hot fruit. Although longan is delicious Can be eaten both fresh and processed into other types of desserts, but longan has a very high sugar content Moreover, if you eat too much It may also cause the body to become overheated. Report by

Durian is considered the king of fruits that has a unique smell, taste, and texture. It is also a fruit that makes you fat when you eat it because durian gives you energy. and is high in calories Rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates and quite high in fat If eaten in excessive amounts It may become fat accumulated in various parts of the body. In addition, processed durian such as fried durian and preserved durian have a lot of calories. This is because oil or sugar is added.


We often see grapes. It is one of the sweet fruits. In many weight loss menus because grapes are rich in vitamins. Antioxidants, fiber, potassium, zeaxanthin, lutein, and vitamin C help prevent heart disease, nourish eyesight, and help adjust blood sugar levels. However, it is recommended that you eat the right amount. Because if you eat too much, it may cause your body to get more sugar than necessary.


Even though mangosteen is a fruit that has a cooling effect. Rich in vitamins and helps stimulate the metabolic system in the body But with the mangosteen It is a fruit with a high sugar content. If eaten in excessive amounts May cause the body to become obese. have high blood sugar and risk having diabetes


Jackfruit is a local fruit of Thailand. Rich in many benefits Whether it’s vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, and folic acid, they help nourish eyesight. and can reduce blood pressure But jackfruit is Eating fruit makes you fat as well because it has a high amount of sugar and calories.


Because rambutan is delicious, sweet and fragrant, and it is rich in sugar. The longer you eat it, the more weight you will definitely gain.