Molina not forgotten the atmosphere of celebrating the World Cup.

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With more than 5 million people celebrating Argentina’s 2022 World Cup triumph. It was an atmosphere that football Argentine right-back Nauel Molina has yet to forget.

Atletico Madrid right-back Nauel Molina has revealed to Diario As on Tuesday that. He hasn’t forgotten the atmosphere of the Argentines’ World Cup 2022 celebrations. Genstein in Buenos Aires attended by no less than 5 million people. 

Molina scored a 1-0 opening goal in the 35th minute from Messi’s assist before the captain of the blue-white team killed a penalty to make it 2-0 in the 73rd minute. But the Netherlands Following an equalizer from two goals from reserve striker Vut Weghorst late in the game. The game dragged into extra time and had to be decided by a duel. Which Argentina scored accurately to win 4-3. 

‘The day before the game, Messi told me, ‘Tomorrow we will score a goal here’, but it was the opposite. It should be him to score goals. But I ended up doing it myself. But it’s important.’ said Molina UFABET

When Molina and the other players returned to Argentina. They encountered an unprecedented atmosphere on the streets of Buenos Aires. 

‘The World Cup is crazy. There were a thousand things, a thousand moments. I was so excited. Argentina was unbelievable. We expect a lot of people but it was unexpected’ 

However, Argentina’s World Cup title parade was halted after many deemed it too dangerous to go on. As at least five million people took to the streets in the country’s capital.