Arsenal legends speculate that Spurs could cut Liverpool’s

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Arsenal legends speculate that Spurs could cut Liverpool’s point in this week’s league game

Ian Wright, legendary striker Analyzing it rationally that Tottenham Hotspur may be the team that cut Liverpool ‘s points in a surprise until the end of the Premier League title race. In this weekend’s duel

“I think the Spurs vs Liverpool game can be finish on every page, wins, draws, loses and it will have a huge impact on the remainder of the season immediately,” Wright told the UFABET.

“With Spurs being an unpredictable team Good day is good. But if the day is bad, they are ready to lose at any time as well. Born this week, what about a ghost? Liverpool is a bastard.”

“They are a well-qualified team that will achieve great success in the future. World class offensive line The defensive line is very strong and difficult to penetrate, and combined with Antonio Conte’s tactics, it creates a huge problem in every match.”

“If you still remember I had predicted that Spurs would beat Man City and they really did, it wasn’t a fluke or luck. But it’s a matter of quality. And under Conte, they will step up against Pep & Klopp’s side in the near future for sure.”

“Even more recently, Spurs’ overall form is going to look good and there’s a bet on the fourth place final, I don’t want to think Harry Kane and Son Heung-min will be able to do something cool against Liverpool. “