Good properties and benefits of brown rice that you need to know.

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As we know from the beginning that Brown rice has more benefits than white rice. Therefore, many people turn to pay attention to their health and eat more. Therefore, we should know more about the benefits of brown rice.

1. Brown rice benefits contain Vitamins B , which vitamins B contribute to the prevention of muscle exhaustion. Thus making our muscles strong. Doesn’t get tired easily when doing physical activities. Reduce symptoms of weak arms and legs It also helps nourish the brain. Makes you have a good memory, concentration and most importantly, helps your appetite. This, even a single B vitamin, has many benefits.

2. The properties are Vitamin B1.  When I was a child, teachers often had us memorize A – Eye, Tea – B. This is the answer that Vitamin B1 can help prevent beriberi. Therefore, brown rice that provides us with Vitamin B1 can help protect us from beriberi UFABET

3. Properties: Brown rice contains vitamin B2. This vitamin is considered very beneficial for children. or some adults because vitamin B2 can help prevent canker sores. When we eat , we are not at risk of getting this disease. There is no need to hurt and hurt each other.

4. Benefits : Vitamin B3 , or what we can call it “Niacin” for this vitamin can help prevent skin diseases. By helping us not have itchy skin. or allergic reactions resulting in various wounds And it also helps in nourishing the nerves. Makes the nervous system, whether the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system works better