Benefits of protein.

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When we eat protein foods The amino acids in protein are digested within the body and absorbed into the bloodstream. Which has beneficial effects on the following parts of the body:

1. Help repair eye cells. Proteins contribute to the development of eye cells. Helps to repair the optic nerve when using the eyes a lot or degeneration of the retina with increasing age

2.Help nourish brain cells. Protein affects the production of enzymes that act directly on the brain. If you get enough each day will make the brain work better. Energetic and always ready to learn UFABET

3. Protect and nourish the skin. Normally, protein works together with keratin to protect the outermost layer of the skin. Helps reduce moisture loss and attack from bacteria and microorganisms from the external environment that may harm the skin. Eating is another way to help restore and protect the skin very well.

4. Help take care of stomach cells. Causes of gastritis or caused by infection in the stomach. In addition to not eating on time. It may be caused by a lack of protein itself. The reason is because helps build immunity in the stomach area and also reduces the causes of gastritis in the long term.