Get to know the disease “Retinal Edema” – it can happen just

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Get to know the disease “Retinal Edema” – it can happen just from being stress

What is macular edema?

Dr. Pairot Suratwanich, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that eye diseases are besides being caused by germs around us. It can also cause by abnormalities in the body, such as retinal edema that is not caused by germs. It is found in people aged 25-55 years, more males than females. And among those who are serious about life and easily stressed, the use of certain types of medicines, especially steroids. Report from

Causes of macular edema

Dr. Apichai Sirakunjira, Director of Mettapracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing), added that Retinal edema. It comes from abnormal functioning of the cells in the retina, causing fluid to leak into the layer beneath the retina. Therefore, water swelling occurs. Part of the cause is from stress. A group of people who have personalities that take life seriously and are quite stressed (Type A personality). In addition to stress, Certain medicines, such as Psychiatric medications, steroids, and other risk factors such as smoking

Symptoms of macular edema

Dr. Ekachai Arayangkun, Deputy Director of Ophthalmology Metta Pracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing) describes the symptoms of macular edema as follows: People with this disease will have the following symptoms:

  • You can see a dark circle in the center of your eye when you look. or read a book
  • Some people see the picture as distorted.

How to treat macular edema

The treatment approach is to control risk factors such as

  1. Use of steroids
  2. Try to reduce and avoid stress.
  3. In the case that some patients have smoking habits, they should reduce smoking.

Most patients, 80-90%, will be able to return to normal vision. Under the care of an ophthalmologist